Emerging Trends

At Wowme we feel it is vital that we push and challenge our clients, proposing ideas that make them think. Through Market Intelligence and Trend Mapping we like to challenge the creative team to propose thought provoking NPD concepts.
Insight showed us that plant based products would be growing in popularity with consumers looking for healthier alternatives, whether that was driven by health concerns or worried about the environment, Wowme saw this coming.
With a 300% increase in consumers adopting a plant based diet (Foodie Labs, 2018) and showing no signs of abating together with new products hitting the shelves on a regular basis, Wowme presented some concepts and ideas to stimulate conversation.
For example Alpro, a well-established leader in plant based goodness, have a fantastic range of products but these are primarily targeting an adult audience and palette, however we felt that there was very little for children. Therefore we conceived some ideas that would give children some products that would appeal to any dietary concerns and would hopefully challenge other established brands.

Likewise with Kozy Shack, an American dessert manufacturer, who currently produces a variety of rice based products. We again identified a potential opportunity in a new category for them and ‘Hey Presto’ Rice Cream was brought to life as an alternative to dairy based ice creams.